Maps, Languages & Lost Continents: Person-Centred Therapy and the SCoPEd Project

Online article at the Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy blog, July 2019.

Staying Afloat: Hope and Despair in the Age of IAPT

Chapter 7 in The Industrialisation of Care: counselling, psychotherapy and the impact of IAPT (eds. Jackson C & Rizq R), PCCS Books: 2019.

The impact of NHS therapy on counselling, psychotherapy and our understanding of psychological distress.

Carl Rogers: Absence and Presence in the Contemporary Therapy Landscape

Chapter 11 (pp. 149-159) in Humanistic Psychology: Current Trends & Future Prospects (eds. House R, Kalisch D & Maidman J), Routledge: 2018.

One of Carl Rogers' formative experiences as a therapist is sketched as an allegory for the contemporary predicament of the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

Introductory commentary

Counselling, Class and Politics: Undeclared Influences in Therapy (second edition) by Anne Kearney, PCCS Books: 2018.

Commentary chapter for the second edition of Kearney's classic text on class and politics in therapy.


Person-Centred Therapy and the Regulation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists in the UK

Chapter 21 (pp. 376-387) in The Handbook of Person-Centred Therapy & Mental Health (ed. Stephen Joseph), PCCS Books: 2017.

Co-authored with David Murphy, the chapter sets out the theoretical and ethical conflicts between the Person-Centred Approach and systems of state regulation.


Standing on the Edge Therapy Today, September 2017, pp. 30-33.

Critically examines the closure of the University of East Anglia's internationally renowned post-graduate training course in person-centred therapy.

Edited version of a longer article published on the Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy blog: UEA Course Closures - An Attack on Values.


Ethical Dilemmas/Dialogues (column editor 2012 to 2015)

Quarterly column for Self & Society - An International Journal for Humanistic Psychologyexploring ethical dilemmas in therapy through dialogue with other practitioners.


Talking Point: All need not always have prizes Therapy Today, May 2014.

Reflecting on the personal and political issues around the practice of voluntary working in counselling and psychotherapy.


Talking Point: Back to the future Therapy Today, February 2012.

A look at the resurgence in student protests, from my perspective as both a counsellor and a one-time student protester myself.


The Bad Faith of Evidence-Based Practice: Beyond Counsels of Despair Therapy Today, July 2011, pp. 26-29.

Co-authored with Jennifer Maidman and Richard House, the article vigorously challenges the call for more randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in therapy research.


Inside Outsider (2008 to 2010)

Quarterly column for the journal ipnosis on my personal experience as a therapy practitioner and writer.


'Dare We Do Away with Professionalism?' Therapy Today, May 2009, pp. 26-29.

The person-centred case against the proposed statutory regulation of counsellors and psychotherapists by the Health Professions Council.

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To undo the folded lie
— WH Auden